The Immutable’s Tokenomics and DAO Business Model


  1. There will be a maximum total of 42,000,000 DARA tokens
  2. Team (15%, vested over 12 months)
    Angel/Adviser* (15%, vested over 12 months)
    The DAO Fund (10%, locked)
    Marketing (3%, unlocked and distributed after launch)
    DARA token liquidity for Pancakeswap DEX (21%, locked)
    Public Sale (36% ,unlocked and distributed after launch)
  3. The sale of 15,120,000 DARA will take place on DXSale, and will be held on August 8th. The hard cap of the sale will be 200 BNB, and the soft cap 100 BNB
  4. 70% of the BNB raised in the sale will immediately be locked as liquidity for the Pancakeswap decentralised exchange
  5. DARA will be listed on Pancakeswap and open for trading immediately after the conclusion of a successful sale
  6. All unsold tokens will be burned.

The Business Model — Freemium

The Immutable will use the freemium model combined with The DAO Fund to create a self-sustaining economy.

  1. DARA is the first of many products that collectively form The Immutable Network
  2. The DAO Fund pays for Immutable’s fleet of IPFS nodes
  3. 50% of the revenue generated from premium feature will go back into The DAO Fund
  4. The other 50% of revenue from premium features is paid out to DARA token holders on a regular basis
  5. Decentralised voting in the DAO unlocks funds in The DAO Fund, and the community controls Immutable’s store of knowledge and products, of which DARA is the first.
  6. Holding the DARA token entitles you to share in the revenue from ALL The Immutable Network products.

What is the DARA token used for?

  1. The DARA token is used to pay for all premium features across all Immutable Network products and services
  2. DARA token holders share 50% of all revenue from premium features
  3. DARA token holders vote on the future of The Immutable Network and The DAO Fund

What is The DAO Fund used for?

1. DARA token holders vote on the spending/allocation of The DAO Fund



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