The Immutable Codex

The Immutable
2 min readJun 23, 2021

What is The Immutable?

0.1 The Immutable is a project which builds simple, powerful and unstoppable blockchain products whose basic features are free to use.

0.2 Our products are focused on data preservation, authentication and attribution.

0.3 Our products are designed with minimal yet powerful features that anyone can use with zero barrier to entry.

0.4 Our products collectively form The Immutable Network.

0.5 Advanced features generate revenues which feed back to The Immutable DAO, the governing body of The Immutable Network which manages the hosting, migration and preservation of stored data.

Assertions On Information Durability

1.1 There exists an overconfidence in the durability of modern electronic information systems, and blockchain technologies.

1.2 The technologies that are available to us today are extremely powerful, but (a) are complex. (b) are difficult to use. (c) cost money to use. (d) often disregard privacy.

1.3 No complex technology has ever withstood the test of time, and all man-made technologies are continually subject to supercession.

1.4 The knowledge and information a technology preserves is more important than the technology itself.

1.5 That any loss of knowledge or data is unacceptable.

1.6 Any meaningful attempt to preserve knowledge “forever” must take a platform-agnostic approach.

1.7 Migrating data from one technology to another is an inevitability ,and humans themselves must govern these transitions.

Requirements For Information Immutability

2.0 Products that anyone can use for free.

2.1 Simplicity as a feature (a) in the user interface. (b) in the code. (c) throughout the product design.

2.2 Platform-agnosticism.

2.3 Decentralized storage and file-transmission technologies.

2.4 An on-chain record keeping system.

2.5 Decentralized governance with resources to implement changes.

The Immutable Proposition

3.0 The Immutable DAO is likely the first DAO which recognizes that the technologies we use today won’t last forever, and so therefor makes specific provisions for future data migration and platform changes.

3.1 The Immutable is likely the the only project in crypto which embraces the opportunity to create something beyond technology by restoring the central role of humans in preserving their own knowledge.

3.2 Technology serves Humanity.

3.3 The value of The Immutable Network and The Immutable DAO is not merely based on the quality of the products we deliver, it is based on the amount of information we protect, and the number of people who use those products.