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The Dara Celtic knot — artwork by OldManTom

“The market is plagued with products for both writers and readers which have been parasitizing on their naivety by endangering their privacy, censoring their work, or making it prohibitively expensive for them to actually use a simple service. The Immutable Network and subsidiary tools aim to be a platform where people can both read and write content without any fear of censorship, expenses or privacy endangerment. We aim to achieve this by using a plethora of technologies that already exist such as IPFS, the Ethereum and-or Binance Smart Chain network, ENS, etc.” — The Immutable whitepaper

The Problem

  1. Online censorship is out of control and rampant, and data loss from centralised platforms is common.
  2. Blockchain and P2P technologies cost money to use and/or maintain, and are usually far too complex for the average user.

The Solution

The Immutable Network is unique in crypto.

We do not try and reinvent the wheel — in a sense we are the wheel.

Platfrom Agnostic

The Immutable cherry-picks the best available technologies to create simple products anyone in the world can use for free to save their creative content forever.

The greatest barrier to entry for blockchain technology is that almost everything costs money, and is complex to use.

Decentralised Freemium

The Immutable solves this problem with the use of an innovative decentralised freemium model. The core features of our products, like saving to IPFS, are absolutely free. Premium features, like storing IPFS hashes to BSC or ETH, have a very small fee.


The Immutable Network has a DAO whose members vote on new product development proposals, and current product updates. The Immutable uses its DAO Fund (which starts with 10% of tokens vested over 12 months) to pay for its own IPFS cluster and fund development of new products proposed by third party developers. Therefor, The Immutable also operates as a decentralised incubator.


Revenue from premium features is shared between the DAO Fund and DARA token holders which aggressively incentivises participation in DAO votes.


With a user’s consent we republish their work to our domain(s) which serves the IPFS data and displays their content as originally published. We aim to on-board these users to our own dedicated decentralised publishing platforms in future (phase two).


The Immutable DAO is the first decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) which recognises that the technologies we use today won’t last forever, and makes specific provisions to adapt.

We restore the central role of humans in preserving their own knowledge through decentralised governance.

The value of The Immutable is based on the amount of knowledge we preserve, as well as the products we create.

Decentralised Freemium is our way.


The Icewave development team comprises two of the best devs Gig, the founder, ever met as a journalist, and DARA development is well under way. Six weeks or so to a beta release, and less for an MVP.

NKN co-founder Zheng “Bruce” Li is an angel investor and adviser. He has worked for Nokia and Google as a project manager, co-founded Binance-listed NKN (New Kind of Network), and is better connected than almost anyone else in this space. Given his country of birth he knows all-to-well the dangers of censorship.


DARA (Decentralised Agnostic Recording Assistant) will usher in a new class of free product which enables people to reclaim what is rightfully theirs — words, photos, artwork — all those things that make us human.

In a sentence we are pioneering a decentralised freemium model to turn this space up on its head.

Figure from the DARA technical paper


  1. Free products with free core functions
  2. Decentralised Freemium
  3. Save to IPFS for free
  4. Save to IPFS and document metadata to Binance Smart Chain (or Ethereum) for a small fee
  5. Profit-Sharing
  6. Incubator
  7. Platform Agnostic
  8. Development Proposals
  9. Republishing to Immutable’s own platform
  10. DAO Fund


The presale will take place on August 8th at 8pm UTC.

We aim to raise a minimum of 100 BNB so we can finish developing and start marketing DARA to 60 million Medium users, followed by 100’s of millions of Wordpress users, and we will shame those other projects that have raised tens of millions of dollars in VC funding and delivered little of value.

Our token contract is verified and available here :


Our presale is available here:


Lock is available here :


The main reason we used dxsale for the presale is due to the fact that they’re very trusted in the community and it felt like a good compromise to make. Having our own contracts for presale/locks would’ve added more skepticism from our potential users/investors.

Also there were a few changes made to the contract to accomodate the usage of latest version of solidity (as some people had noted we used an older version in the previous contract), even thought it was fine we figured we could avoid extra chatter by just upgrading.


There will be a total of 42,000,000 coins as Total Supply.

Team (15%, vested over 12 months)
Adviser Fund(15%, vested over 12 months)
The DAO Fund (10%, vested over 12 months)
Marketing (3%, unlocked and distributed after launch)
DARA token liquidity for Pancakeswap DEX (21%, locked)
Public Sale (36% ,unlocked and distributed after launch)


The genesis of The Immutable is as follows: The founder Gigamesh published many articles for many projects, the vast majority of which are represented in discord. One day the website they were published on was taken down (the articles are now on Medium). The owner, Alex, was very nice about it but naturally it did not take long before Gig had people asking him where their articles were. One of these people was the founder of NKN, Bruce — who Gig had interviewed on several occasions. Bruce offered his support in his plan to get them back online. Gig decided he never wanted to deal with the hassle of republishing ever again, and wished the same for others. At the same time two developers offered their help. The Immutable was conceived. This all happened about two months ago.


Reddit (coming)

Please join our community, we need good people to make a strong DAO, thanks!



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