The Immutable Announces Three New Team Members

The Immutable
4 min readAug 21, 2021

“With great power comes great responsibility

— The Peter Parker Principle

Hi, this is Gig.

The history of The Immutable really starts a little over three months ago on May 1st 2021 with the closure of The Daily Chain news site. It was there I published my articles and also there that they went 404. It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and so it was fated that with the closing of one door another should open.

It all rather seems like a blur now. The series of events that took me from a discord server with one member and brought us to where we are today, are truly remarkable. We are now a community of thousands of people who share a simple vision for a better world which is not asphyxiated by censorship and fear.

The time has now come to build a strong team to carry The Immutable onward, and meet the increased demands set on by our phenomenal growth.

Today we formally announce the addition of three new team members,

BGNLouie, Project Director

Unequivocally the hardest working man in this space, Louie is a Swiss Army Knife for all things crypto. A miracle of multi-tasking, Louie will coordinate all the moving parts of the project. He joined The Immutable just in time to rescue it from possibly disastrous disorganisation.

This is how Louie described himself recently:

“I’ve worked in IT/Telecom/Network Security back in the late 90s, including the team that launched Familiar Linux with Compaq/HP Cambridge Research Lab.

“Forex, CFD and Crypto Investor for the most part of a decade (longer for CFD), Programmer, bot writer, and otherwise an executive director in a global semi-conductor manufacturing company.

“I’ve also built and raced cars, and in my free time when I’m not doing something RF or Satellite Telecom related, I’d probably be hanging out with my wife and cats!

“I’ll be overseeing the overall DARA Token project, managing the timeline of everything from announcements, updates, keeping track of development schedule and milestones, as well as planning listings and partnerships.”

Christian Busch, Creative Director

Christian Busch is perhaps best known for his work at NKN (New Kind of Network). He built their explorer, their websites, and much more besides. He runs his own IT company based out of Germany, founded NKNx (with which we partnered) and has worked for many blockchain projects over the last 3 years.

Christian’s websites are stunningly beautiful and technically precise, his logo work gorgeous. He will oversee our branding, corporate image, websites, logos, and all creative and design decisions. He will also assist in product UI development.

This is how Christian described himself a couple days ago in discord:

“I’m Christian Busch (pronounced “Bush”), I’m 33 years old and am from Germany. I am in the blockchain space for around 3 years now.
In real life I am a CTO of a mid-sized software development company and am involved in some blockchain startups as well as I am running and developing two SaaS platforms revolving around blockchain services.

“I got interested in this project because I like two things: The idea and Gig.”

Christopher Charles, Adviser

Christopher Charles co-founded CumRocketCrypto and helped propel it to a 400 million dollar valuation. As soon as he heard about The Immutable he began assisting us with marketing and PR.

Chris was instrumental in the success of our presale, and the connections and energy he brings together together with his ingenuity and Midas touch make him an extremely powerful ally. We are delighted to have solidified our relationship with him and he joins NKN co-founder Zheng ‘Bruce’ Li as an adviser.

When asked to introduce himself Chris replied:

“I graduated this year from St Lawrence college for electrical engineering with distinction and a 3.95 GPA. I got into crypto with LTC in the summer of 2019 and then switched over to Proof of stake tokens, have been fascinated ever since. I got involved with several Defi projects from September of 2020 onwards and never looked back. I met Lyd when the CR presale wasn’t filling and she had just created it as a meme coin that wouldn’t “rug pull” because they knew it was her.

“I came up with the use case, and when I mentioned it to Lyd we shared a powerful vision for an innovative 18+ ecosystem that would utilize blockchain technology to its full potential. We immediately realized CR could create a healthier and more stable environment for the rapidly expanding 97 billion dollar adult industry, the rest after that is history!”

The combined expertise of our three new team members prepares us for the challenges we face today, and those yet to come in future.

Thank you to Louie, Christian and Chris for joining the team. Any project would be lucky to have one of you, let alone all three!

With their entry the Immutable core team now consists of seven individuals.