The DARA Concept Paper

In the crypto community we know the power of blockchain and decentralised technologies — yet how many people in the world really harness the power?

When The Immutable talks about products, we mean simple to use and powerful assistants, which require no special skills, or even cryptocurrency to use.

We postulate in The Immutable Codex that most products developed in crypto are too complex and expensive for mass adoption. These are not, by our definition, products at all.

Our products, like DARA, which are simple to use, will pave the way for platforms.

How is this possible?

By using a freemium business model. See The Immutable’s Tokenomics and DAO Business Model

DARA (Decentralised Agnostic Recording Assistant) is The Immutable’s first and flagship product. The Immutable DAO token is also named DARA.

A Chrome browser extension with a single button, and a few options.

By clicking the button anywhere between one and three events happen as set by the user in the simple GUI. Two of these three events are completely free to the user.

  1. (FREE) Save a Medium blogpost to IPFS and present the user with a dialog containing the links and hashes to their saved blog data. The Immutable will run their own IPFS nodes to ensure no data is lost.
  2. (FREE) Republish the Medium blogpost to
  3. (PREMIUM) Save a Medium blog to IPFS and record the IPFS hashes, blog title, author and date to The Immutable DAO ledger on Binance Smart Chain.

Premium Features

Revenue from premium features will be shared between token holders and The DAO fund, which pays for our IPFS node cluster.

Several premium features will be developed, including the ability for a user to accurately display the IPFS data on their own websites.

More ambitiously, once we have enough traction from the browser extension we will begin enticing users from Medium to our own blogging platform which will look and and feel like Medium, but be built on our mix of decentralised technologies.

Why Medium?

Since we are making a product, we have two equally important requirements. The first is the storage of the information, and the second is the displaying of the stored information.

Once the user clicks the extension button and saves their blog to IPFS, the blog is also republished to our website (the user can opt-out in preferences).

Our website displays the Medium blog data stored on IPFS, and it is crucial that it should look like it did on Medium. This is more difficult than it sounds and will be part of the magic once perfected.

Medium has a clean and simple interface, and because all Medium blogposts are formatted similarly, it makes our job of polishing the product to display stunning results easier.

Focusing on Medium also presents the opportunity to focus our marketing of DARA to Medium’s 60 million users.

Once DARA has been perfected to Medium, it can be reengineered and then rereleased or rebranded for other blogging platforms (like Wordpress), and even other forms of content, like photos.

The DARA logo, based on the ancient symbolism of the Celtic Dara Knot. The Dara Celtic Knot is one of a number of Celtic symbols for strength and inner strength. The symbol comes from the Gaelic word ‘Doire’, which means ‘Oak Tree’. The Dark Knot is believed to represent the magnificent root system that robustly holds up the heavy body of an ancient oak tree.

Current Status

The extension is under active development. It’s few weeks for an MVP and 1–2 months for prod beta, according to the development team.



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