Sunny King Breaks 713 Day Silence On Twitter To Tell The Immutable “Big Hearts Make Wonder”

The Immutable
2 min readDec 31, 2021

On December 23rd Sunny King broke almost two years of silence on Twitter to reply to the founder of The Immutable who tweeted to thank him for the partnership on Felix Dictionary.

Felix is the world’s first dictionary on a blockchain, hotly anticipated for a launch on February 1st 2022, and created through an Immutable and V Systems partnership first announced in early August this year.

Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake, Primecoin, Peercoin and now V Systems, stunned The Immutable ($DARA) community last week by tweeting

Big hearts make wonder :) Looking forward to more from the team!

Sunny King December 2021

This tweet from Sunny ends his 713 day silence on the social media platform, which has come under close scrutiny in recent years following allegations of censorship.

The pseudonymous blockchain developer is as influential as any other in the crypto space, and was praised by Vitalik Buterin as far back as his 2013 Bitcoin Magazine article, written by the Ethereum founder while he was still an obscure journalist.

“Does proof of stake have a future? Many signs suggest that it certainly does. PPCoin founder Sunny King argues that Bitcoin’s security will become too weak over time as its block reward continues to drop; indeed, this is one of his primary motivations for creating PPCoin and Primecoin.”

Vitalik Buterin, August 2013

Vitalik interviewed Sunny, as did Gig, the founder of The Immutable. While still a regular writer on the now defunct The Daily Chain crypto news site, Gig wrote two articles on Peercoin [1][2] and another on Primecoin. This began a friendship which eventually led to the Felix partnership.

“Proof-of-Stake will likely become the most adopted consensus technology of the blockchain industry.”

Sunny King, December 2020

We are extremely proud to have received this unprecedented adulation, and are delighted that we were able to coax the crypto legend out of his Twitter retirement.

Thanks, Sunny!