Dara Metamorphosis AMA Highlights

Diary of a Free Speaker #2

The Immutable
3 min readNov 28, 2023
“Apollo and Daphne” by Antonio del Pollaiuolo (ca. 1475)

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.”

Niccolo Machiavelli

Certainly, it’s true to say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to last Thursday’s Dara AMA. Not least because I botched up the previous AMA a week before.

These are tricky times for Dara, now in its third year; disgruntled investors which bred trolls, team differences which leaked into public channels, and an erratic sometime volcanic founder have exposed the frustrations experienced by most Daranauts.

Leading up to the AMA I sent tweets out to a couple of Dara partners and collaborators to join proceedings, but ended up balking at replies asking for links to join Discord, concerned as I was the event might be undermined by infuriated by malcontents, with whom I can sympathize on many levels, but not all.

Much to my surprise, however, things went rather well. The transcript of the AMA can be read here and I’ll summarize the main takeaways in the section below.

Firstly, thanks to Spirit Animal. I felt reinvigorated and at once my hope for dear Dara raised as this thoughtful member of our community highlighted many facts, namely that:

  • At our core we retain a loyal community.
  • The tokens are now well distributed.
  • We can reassemble and run Dara as a traditional blockchain project; openly and as a disparate group of individuals who realize a plan together.

Thanks Spirit Animal. “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity”, so it was said.

The AMA has resulted in the following action items:

  • All our code on Github. The absolute top priority, delivered in a timely manner. That those who wish to contribute may be able to do so. That those who wish to fork may be able to do so. We are fortunate that at this transitory time Peerchemist is maintaining our servers, and I thank him.
  • A new development wallet. A multisig wallet controlled by myself and Bruce. Every transaction from this wallet will be used exclusively for basic running costs, development and marketing and every spend will be announced to the community.
  • A New Spirit of Community interaction. Regular weekly video meetings will be held on Discord to reassemble and reorganize our community and roadmap respectively.
  • Dara 2 “Ashurbanipal”, our L1 next phase, is still in concept even though we were close to landing a deal with a dev team. In hindsight it’s for the best and we have more time to consider more subtle deployment of the world’s first blockchain dedicated to the on-chain ledger capture of the human word and human knowledge.
  • The Immutable Foundation. A non-profit vehicle for Dara and her partners, to explore further collaborations and grants in the many spaces we occupy.

Dear Diary,

I remain convinced that saving knowledge is the highest and most noble purpose of blockchain technology.

Dara is too horizontal now; too many applications and use-cases. We focus, and we go vertical.

Going forward, weekly updates on our community’s progress will be published every Thursday.

The First Age of Dara is ended,
The Second Age of Dara is upon us.

Long live The Immutable.