Community Update — December 21 2021

The Immutable
4 min readDec 21, 2021


The Immutable’s last community update on Medium dates back to August. Even though our community have been well appraised of developments from within our discord and telegram channels, it’s high time we brought all these updates together in a cohesive article. This is that article.

Since the amount of information is rather overwhelming, we will tackle the most significant points of interest with a simple chronological list of events, and wrap it up with some concluding remarks.


August 16: Bitcoin Koala interviews Gig (tweet)

August 18: Launch of website (tweet)

August 19: Chris Charles joins The Immutable as an adviser (tweet)

August 19: DARA lists on 1inch (tweet)

August 20: DARA lists on CoinMarketCap (tweet)

August 20: Over 1000 followers on Twitter

August 21: Medium post announcing BGNLouie joining the team (tweet)

August 22: Medium article “We have a world to win. The Immutable, unite!” (tweet)

August 28: Christopher Charles buys The Immutable’s digital HQ (tweet)

Sep 3: Telegram AMA (tweet)

Sep 4: The Immutable DARA Browser Extension MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Release Preview (tweet)

Sep 7: The Immutable Roadmap 2021 (tweet)

Sep 8: Twitch Livestream (tweet)

Sep 15: DARA Token profile page updated on BSC scan with all our official contacts, links, logo and the Blue Checkmark! (tweet)

Sep 22: Buy DARA with your credit card on (tweet)

Sep 23: Launched our very own DARA DEX. Powered by PancakeSwap (tweet)

Sep 26: Providing DARA Liquidity easier than ever on (tweet)

Oct 3: Launched website (tweet)

Oct 8; Felix blockchain dictionary successfully tested on V Systems mainnet (tweet)

Oct 19: Start building Felix UI (tweet)

Oct 26: Announcing the DARA Chrome extension can save virtually any web content (tweet)

Oct: Felix Full Node API reveal (tweet)

Nov 1: Start DARA beta testing (tweet)

Nov 4: Check First congratulate The Immutable for the DARA release which their requirements as a fact checking org (tweet)

Nov 5: YouTuber Crypto Mason checks out DARA (tweet)

Nov 7: Community made video “This is Dara” (tweet)

Nov 12: Taking a deeper look at the current Beta of The Immutable DARA (video)

Nov 21: Beta testers begin saving articles and websitesand tweeting about them (e.g. tweet, tweet)

Nov 24: “The Podfather” Adam Curry retweets The Immutable (tweet)

Dec 1: Mister Rasta tweets his first DARA video at Larry Sanger, Wikipedia co-founder(tweet)

Dec 4: Mister Rasta second DARA video (tweet)

Dec 8: 3 Simple Steps DARA vid (tweet)

Dec 8: Felix backend finished and DNS updated (tweet)

Dec 10: NKN Bruce shows support (tweet)

Dec 13: V Systems publishes about Felix on Medium (tweet)

Dec 14: Mister Rasta produces another fantastic vid! “What Will You Save?”(tweet)

Dec 16: Larry Sanger invites founder Gig to join a meeting about (tweet)

Dec 17: The “What Will You Save “ vis is translated into Spanish (thanks Pepo), and re-recorded (thanks Princess-Cow) (tweet)

Dec 18: Immutable founder Gig meets with Larry Sanger and others to discuss future of encyclopedias, and also DARA (tweet)

Dec 21: Felix announcements from the 20th recapped on Twitter (tweet)


A huge thank you to our incredibly special community who have stepped up in so many phenomenal ways, as seen in the long list of contributions mentioned above, it is plain for all to see the passion.

It is highly likely both Dara and Felix will be released in 30 days or less. We have achieved this in a little over 4 months, which is really remarkable particularly since some of our brave team members have struggled with poor health at times.

As it turns out, we’re all going to make it.

Bring on 2022.

Special thanks to Louie, Meff and Mister Rasta.