Community Update — August 16 2021

The Immutable
2 min readAug 15, 2021


It’s been a crazy week since we completed our presale. A telegram invasion followed by a deluge of brilliant madness.

We got listed on Bilaxy, made a partnership with V Systems (thanks Sunny), received our first donation from partner NKNx (thanks Christian), did a live stream with our adviser (thanks Bruce) and smashed some damn impressive numbers across social media.

The Immutable is going viral, and its totally original ideas are catching on, and the price — reflecting this — went insane.

The developers are hard at it and the DARA MVP (minimum viable product) will be released within a month, with a beta only a couple weeks after.

The Immutable team has exploded in size and participation — it’s quite a thing to behold. Louie, Christian, Chris, and a crack squad of specialists are hard at it, and represent only a part of the greater whole.

Our adviser Bruce, The Immutable angel investor, used to hold 15% of all DARA, but in this week’s live stream told us he’d give a portion of his holding to the DAO Fund.

Speaking of which, the DAO Fund now holds signifiant value (around a million dollars), which assures our infrastructural costs while also enabling our powerful incubator to build more freemium profit-sharing products.

It’s all really quite too beautiful.

This coming week will be no less amazing.

- New website
- Another chat with Sunny
- Listing on 1inch
- Marketing campaigns to Medium users
- Article from our anon professor, Cleopatra1789
- Recording with a Youtuber

And these are just some of the things on this week’s menu — it’s gonna be another crazy one for sure!

Well over 90% of all airdrops/bounties/prizes have now been sent and everybody is feeling pretty pleased with themselves — as well they might…

The Immutable is a phenom

Censorship is out of control and people are losing their voices all across the world

The Immutable will change all that and we, this community, reflect the spirit of our times

The people have spoken.