Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

The Immutable
2 min readApr 25, 2023


Censorship is a huge problem right now and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to help communities dealing with it. During the short history of Dara we have aligned and collaborated with many.

So when we were given the chance to permanently and immutably archive the /r/Superstonk DD Library we jumped at the chance. Within a week Dara architect and co-founder Louie had completed the task. The archive can be found at and

We didn’t stop there. We also created a Dara user profile for Superstonk and archived each of the many books within the library’s collection with associated metadata records including IPFS CID, on Binance Smart Chain.

Dara continues to archive the ever-growing Superstonk DD library, with its contribution from numerous Ape Historians.

As far as libraries go this one is totally unique. A bewildering range of topics brilliantly and often humorously woven into elaborate reddit posts. The posts were then given covers and then housed in the library we have now archived for posterity.

The Gamestop, or GME, community have rustled a great many feathers, and it is for this reason they have dealt with many forms of censorship and suppression, and also why they cherish their /r/Superstonk treasure trove.

What began as an opportunity to show off some of Dara’s strengths has now become, for want of a better word, a friendship. We are deeply grateful, and moved, by what has unfolded between Dara and GME these last few weeks.

For example, our tweet announcing The Immutable Superstonk DD Library hit a staggering 100,000 views on Twitter. We also found ourselves the subject of several /r/Superstonk posts which may now, by curious twist of fate, become part of the library we are still archiving.

What makes the 100K views even more significant is that it was suppressed by Twitter, a fact that did not go unnoticed by some of the big names in the Gamestop community. So we rallied together, and smashed the bubble.

We wish to thank all those involved in creation of the incomparable Superstonk DD Library, and in particular one extraordinary woman in the GME community. We all know who she is, and we will thank her with discretion and affection. None of this would have been possible without her.

It’s been a wild ride with the Gamestoppers, and we look forward to bringing the hype with them again in future!